Few things bring joy into the life of a family like the addition of a new member. When a family adopts, it is often a journey of many years, but if something goes wrong, it can result in heartbreak. The adoption process is complicated and the laws are specialized. A family considering adoption should seek the most knowledgeable and experienced family attorney available to avoid such pitfalls. The Law Office of W. Kyle Green of Ruston, Louisiana, can assist families through the legal paperwork and procedures of adoption so that you can be confident that every detail is handled properly and your family will be secure.

The three most common types of adoptions in Louisiana are adoptions by adults of an unrelated minor child, intra-family adoptions and adult adoptions. The process of adults adopting a minor unrelated child is a lengthy and complex legal procedure. From making sure that the biological parents’ rights have been terminated to supporting the adopting parents through home studies and court hearings, attorneys at The Law Office of W. Kyle Green will be with the family every step of the way.

Similarly, an intra-family adoption involves the adoption of a minor child, but by a stepparent or other closely related family member. Even though family is involved, biological parents still must surrender rights (or those rights must be terminated), and an in-depth vetting of the adopting parents must be done to ensure the security and safety of the child. Adoptive parents in the Ruston area can look to The Law Office of W. Kyle Green to guide them through the process.

An adult may be adopted by another adult. This is not as uncommon as you might think. Sometimes it is just to formalize a long-term relationship, or a foster parent wishing to adopt a child who is aging out of the foster system. Others wish to control who gets their assets upon their death. Finally, adult adoption also provides for the continued care of adults with diminished capacity. Adoptive parents can assume responsibility, and provide insurance for disabled adult children. Adult adoption can often be very simple, but depending on your state, the laws can also be quite complicated. The Law Office of W. Kyle Green are well-versed in Louisiana adoption laws, and will make sure that your needs are met.

No matter your motivation for seeking adoption, The Law Office of W. Kyle Green is your most reliable attorneys in Ruston and north Louisiana.

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